“All festivals should be like Abingdon!”
– Paul Harris (wind, 1999)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to do hands-on work with all performers”
– Timothy Barratt (piano, 2000)

“It was a real pleasure to be able to discuss and develop performances. More teachers in the area should be encouraging their pupils to take part in this very special festival.”
– Anthony Williams (piano, 2002)

“Please invite me again at some point. You will be interested to learn that I am trying to persuade the Bedford Festival committee to do something similar, with a ‘mini-workshop’ after each performance.”
– Malcolm Green (wind & brass, 2003)

“I very much enjoyed Abingdon Festival, and its unique way of presenting. The Masterclassing works very well I think, and it was both rewarding and fun to be able to work with the singers – and the standard was very good indeed! “
– Ann Lampard (voice, 2008)

“It is such a good format , the mini masterclass festival with no outright winners and losers. So many were really delightful and it was a real pleasure to hear them and be in a position to give encouragement.”
– Paul Barritt (strings, 2008)

“It was good to come back to Abingdon again, and I do think that your Festival, with the immediate interaction with the performers and advice, is the way forward.”

“I did want to say how much I enjoyed adjudicating the strings in the Festival. There was an excellent atmosphere and a generally high musical standard.”
– Art McConnell (strings, 2009)

Concerto Class

“Great day!”
– Paul Harris (2008)

“I enjoyed the performances in the Concerto Class and thought the standard was exceptionally high. Congratulations!”
– Marios Papadopoulos (2008)

“Thank you so much for all your work in organising the concerto class in the competition yesterday. I had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed the playing of every single entrant. “
– Alexander Walker (2008)

Comments from 2009 “Maestro” participants

“I so enjoyed the day; the students, orchestra and organisation were all excellent, and I’ve been getting good responses as well “
– Peter Stark (Tutor)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Masterclass; both the orchestra and Peter Stark were exceedingly friendly and supportive. I was impressed at how responsive and accomplished the orchestra were with such a short time to learn the whole programme!”
– Gidon Fineman (conducting student)

“We just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed the “Maestro” masterclass day and think that it was a great idea. The orchestra were amazing, Peter is a wonderful teacher, and the organisation and catering were superb.”

“I really enjoyed the day; it was such a treat to play in a really high quality orchestra.”
– David Glanville (orchestral player)