Instructions for Performers Wishing to Use an Official Accompanist

Performers wishing to book the services of one of the official accompanists should indicate this by ticking the relevant box on entry form. The administration fee for this service is £3.

Contact details for the allocated accompanist will be communicated as soon as possible after entries have been processed. A copy of each piece for accompaniment, with appropriate annotations including metronome marks, must be sent to the accompanist by 6 October 2023 at the latest. Please note the regulations regarding the use of photocopies on previous page.

Contact should be made with the selected accompanist to arrange a rehearsal in good time; accompanists have many commitments outside the Festival and may not be able to accommodate late requests. The fee for rehearsal with accompanist is £40 per hour pro-rota. Except for Recital class rehearsals, half-an-hour or less is usually adequate. Rehearsal fees must be paid direct to the accompanist at the rehearsal.

Private arrangements with official accompanists must be completed by 30 September 2023.